About Me

This is an eclectic blog designed to collect a wide range of tales, adventures, and lessons from my life. If these posts entertain you, great; if you find some deeper meaning in any of them, even better. “Feldman” is me, while the “Cohorts” are the people who bring meaning to my life.

The life-giving forces in my life are largely music and literature.

Musically, I’m very eclectic. I appreciate many forms of rock, classical, jazz, and world music, even if much of my attention is usually focused on exploring all the bizarre and creative forms of metal.

Regarding literature, I’ve always had a deep passion for classical mythology, especially Greek, Nordic, and Egyptian. I’m also fascinated by aspects of Hindu mysticism, Western theology, and Far Eastern philosophy.

Human psychology is another interest I’ve long had, and it plays a big role in everything I write. Most of my stories are character-driven.

I’m fascinated by nature and animals. On the rare occasions when I write poetry, it’s usually either about nature or some emotional turmoil that I’ve witnessed in myself or someone else.

I also dig baseball and computer games. 🙂

What sort of things make your world turn?



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